Friday, November 5, 2010


Fuser said...

your boss looks like shit!!!! LOL
tell him next time to wear a tie and take his car LOLor at least he can give you a picture next to his Ducati, without the casque LOL

SoHo said...

LOL thank you!!! I didnt want to talk shit but now I think i will. ha ha ha ha that fucken ass hole I hate him sooo much right now. uggghhh that stupid idot. he's all old and raggedy thinking he can still ride his Ducati and look cool. LOL dumb shit! uuuuggghhh!!!! i am so pissed.

Zie said...

LOL!! You are too funny Soho!!
BTW you shouldnt have gone on the bike since u have a cold!!

But then again it's a Ducatti!! I would love to ride one of those or a Harley hehehe..

Anyway good luck today for Price is Right ;)

SoHo said...

Zie i didnt go to the price is right!!! my friend flaked out on me. he had a last minute interview so I had nobody else to go with on such a short notice.
the bike ride was soooo much fun ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I had a blast!!! I gotta learn to ride a motorcycle.