Thursday, November 11, 2010

My tattoo ideas!

Ok so I am planning on getting a couple of tattoos pretty soon. What kind of tattoos? well food tattoos of course!!!
Because I am in the culinary industry, specifically baking/pastry I've decided to get a tattoo of a cupcake with a cherry on top wearing a king's crown and a whisk and spatula as crossbones. what do you think? I wanna get that one on my left arm... on the back of my left arm. Another tattoo i am getting is of a cartoon looking churro chasing a cartoon looking crepe. this is inspired by the churro adventure that I had in mexico with my dad while we were hunting for churros for a week!!! I was craving those delicious mexican treats and we were all over mexico searching for them and finally found some in a little stand that also sold crepes so I ate lots of both. It's kind of a fun memory I have of my dad and I so I'd like to have that tattooed on me. Although my dad wouldnt like it cuz he didnt like people getting tattoos LOL. A final tattoo would be a knife with a strawberry at the tip of the knife. why? because I used to eat strawberries off the tip of my knife at my old job and people that that was insane but actually it was a quick and easy way to eat strawberries without letting go of my knife. I got into feeding ppl strawberries with my knife. LOL
that will possibly be on my forearm so what do you think? i will post the sketches as soon as I get them... then it's up to my little bro to do the tattooing. His tattoo gun broke though so I might have to wait a little or go somewhere and actually pay to get them done but whatever as long as they come out good. So with this being said... what is ur opinion on tattoos?

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