Monday, November 29, 2010

Life in the restaurant business

Last night I finished work at about 11:45 pm which was amazing because normally work doesnt end until 1:00am. So why was work done so early? well we've been having extremely cold weather out here and really tough winds so last night when we were in middle of working dinner service our power went out and we were stuck in the kitchen trying to work in the dark. Our customers had to finish their meal by candle light which personally it's something i'd find a very interesting experience if it were me dining at a restaurant and the power suddenly when out... it would be a little fun because that would be a different experience. Anyway, so the power went out and my friend lit a couple of candles in the kitchen so we could finish working. shortly after, the pastry kitchen power came back on but the power in the savory food kitchen was still off. The clients eating at the Osteria and Pizzeria were both still in the dark and the only place that had power was the pastry kitchen so we were still working. I joked and said we were the only kitchen with power because we live the sweet life ha ha ha ha ha! So it's not the first time that i've worked at a restaurant where the power went out because of bad weather but every time that happens things get a little interesting... we tend to just joke around while we wait for the power to come out. It's fun but also very hard work too. Anyway so that was good that I got to leave early last night. I went to visit my uncle Ray at the hospital at about 12:30 pm. He's an urgent care doctor at the hollywood hospital and since it's very close to my job I go often so I went to visit him at work and we talked for 5 hours straight!!! now I got home and slept... woke up and have to be back at work LOL I feel like i was just there. Uncle Ray is hilarious!!! I almost felt like video taping him to show you guys why i enjoy visiting him so much... he cracks me up! and sure makes me feel better when I am down. ok next post!

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