Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Birthday To ME!!!

It's officially my birthday today!!! YAY!!!
Yesterday I got a txt from our wonderful Zie wishing me a happy birthday because it was officially my birthday in singapore time. LOL ur too cute Zie!! she sent me a txt in spanish wishing me a happy birthday. LOL!!! CUTE. Last night as soon as it hit midnight which marked officially Feb 5th, my boss, and the whole kitchen crew including my pastry crew all walked in with a tequila shot and wedge of lime on a plate with a candle and sang me happy birthday!!! it was sooooo awesome!!! They totally caught me off guard. LOL that was very nice of them. ok so as for my plans for today? well.... sleep all day and work all night. will spend my birthday with my pastry crew this year... working which is ok cuz i LOVE my job and ABSOLUTELY LOVE my crew. I work with the best people on the planet!!!! OH one more thing.... should I feel good, sad or indifferent about someone actually guessing my age? I was at work and a dishwasher lady the lovely Ms Raina asked me how old I was going to be... I said 25 and she said wow you look 18. I was flattered of course. other people thought the same thing and then I get to talking to romain... this waiter who btw also looks VERY young and he asked me what age I'll be this year and he interrupted and said wait... 25? I was like OMG you are spot on!!! so I got to thinking,... damn now I actually look my age!! LOL Ok I have another post...


Yingee said...

Happy Birthday Mayra!! I wish you all the best and have a wonderful life and have good health! And of course, I wish you can find a good boy friend very soon!
Hey, you only 25! You are much younger than me!!
Anyway, have fun at work on your B-day!

SoHo said...

Yingee!!! ha ha ha ha ha WOW your comment made me laugh sooooo hard!! ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!
Thank you for all the nice wishes!! you are super sweet! I wish I could find a GOOD boyfriend too! I've had bad ones so far LOL!! you are way too funny yingee! ha ha ha ha omg way hilarious!!

I had fun at work. Spent time with my friends and had plenty of laughs. I am happy to come to my blog though... at the end of the day, it's my blog that keeps me happy.

Thanx again Yingee!!

Zie said...

Hey Amiga...not sure if you got the 2nd text message i sent ya midnite your time...
Glad that you had fun. We will definitely celebrate your bday together one day!!
Let's look forward to that! OMG it's gonna be freaking amazing!