Friday, March 11, 2011

Willy Wonka CAKE!!!!!

I have been hired by a bank to make a cake for 25 people for next thursday.
Why am I excited? because they have asked me to make a willy wonka and the chocolate factory inspired cake!!!!!!
I immediately got to it and have now made the chocolate butter cream that I can freeze and use
when I am ready to use it. I am super excited about this project because I can be as creative as possible. LOL
wow! I will definitely have pictures of the process of making this totally awesome cake!
YAY!!! and I will charge a whole damn lot for it too!! lol!!!

OH ONE MORE THING... I dont know if I want to use the original version of the movie as my inspiration
or the remake with Johnny Depp as my inspiration.. what do you guys think I should use? The top image is
Johnny Depp's remake and the picture under it, is the original one. Which should I use?

Ok gotta get me some sleep now... I'll see you all soon!


Gabrielle said...

the 1971 version is more colorful, however the 2005 version i believe can be more contemporary... I hope you post a picture of it (as i need inspiration for my daughters willy wonka cake;)

mom x 5

SoHo said...

awwwwww how sweeeeeeeeeettt!! it's gonna be wonderful!! I am sure you'll do an amazing job.

The cake deal I had is off unfortunately but since I am off tomorrow I am going to go ahead and make the cake anyway.. I am sooo excited. feel free to send me pictures of ur cake to share with the rest of the blog readers.

Gabrielle, ur so sweet and frankly I couldnt decide so I am going to use inspiration from both movies.

Gabrielle said...

still waiting for pics!!! i'm so excited to see the results!

Gabrielle said...

Hey, did you get a chance to make the cake? if so i'd love to see some pics!

SoHo said...

wow sorry Gabrielle I didnt know you commented. LOL no I havent made the cake yet and I am sooo sad about it! LOL have you made yours?

Gabrielle said...

aww thats too bad, no my daughter's party is only at the end of july :)

SoHo said...

I think i am actually making my cake this week!!! YAY!

Ok so the party is the end of july? you have plenty time to make ur cake. I want pictures!! how fun!