Tuesday, March 22, 2011


As part of my lifestyle transformation, i have decided to take on the task of eating healthier (by that I mean lay off the sweets LOL) and exercise a lot more. So I decided to change how I shop for groceries. I have also started creating my own salads. this is my favorite salad so far. It's a butter lettuce salad with a lime and cumin dressing that I made myself and topped with sweet clementines a couple of pieces of grilled italian style sausage that's actually meatless.. LOL it's a vegetarian sausage. ok so I tossed all of that together and it was done... very very easy. I did the same thing today except I added baby carrots to my salad.

ok so here's my dressing recipe which isnt really a recipe cuz there arent any measurements I do it all by taste.

start with squeezing juice of 1 lime in a mixing bowl.

Add salt to taste.
Add pepper to taste.
Add ground cumin to taste.

Mix all ingredients with a whisk fast.
While mixing fast with one hand, drizzle in slowly some extra virgin olive oil until the
mixture becomes a little think and blends together nicely.

taste for seasoning and you can add more oil if you like of course while mixing fast.

if you have some dressing left over, I like to put it in a container and keep it in my refrigerator for when I am
starving and want something quick and filling, I just break out my lettuce, carrots, clementines and sometimes even other fruits and nuts and toss it all in a bowl and drizzle some of my dressing on it and viola!! its done!! trust me it's absolutely delicious!!! ok more posts to come.

you can use any type of lettuce by the way.

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Zie said...

Yummy!! I like to have corn and carrot salad no dressing ;) I just munch on that all day if i can ;) but i will try your dressing recipe