Wednesday, March 2, 2011

my valentine

ok i know i am late on this valentine post but I am going to post it anyway. So valentines day i was working as usual and we gave out heart shaped sugar cookies... there were lots and lots of cookies but they were so cute! alright, the pretty box of chocolates was given to the pastry kitchen by... hmmm i forgot who... might have been a manager. anyway this person thought it would be funny to give us a pretty box of chocolates with one chocolate missing from the box. LOL was funny so for the picture i just took the top and covered the empty spot where the chocolate was missing. LOL. so cute though.

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Zie said...

Aww how sweet. What did i do on V-day?? Oh yeah had a huge massive war with the accountant bitch in the office! Totally ruined the day but then again i don't celebrate V-day makes no diff to me. Getting chocolates would have been nice though heheh ;)