Thursday, March 3, 2011

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Ghost whisperer star Jennifer love hewitt decided to celebrate her birthday at my job a couple of weeks ago and I admit the decorations were sooo cool!! room full of balloons and three giant balloons so huge they looked like giant lollypops. very cute decorations... unfortunately I hate jennifer love hewitt too. She gets on my nerves and her cake seemed sooooo strange to me. They brought in their own cake which many ppl do but damn! LOL it was like a giant muffin or cupcake that someone half assed. For those of you abroad.. and by abroad i mean not in america and dont understand the term half-assed, this means done carelessly. So anyway her cake was small and ugly and half-assed looking and just so strange to me... was it a giant muffin looking thing or a giant cupcake? either way it was oversized muffin/cupcake but small for a birthday cake in my opinion... It read Happy Birthday Love... whatever... she still gets on my nerves lol.

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Zie said...

That is a weird cake lol! and for someone like Jennifer Love Hewitt no less. Anyway..whatever. I don't like her too.
I only watched one episode of Ghost whisperer, The first ep cause Wentworth was in that one. Other eps..forget