Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fogo De Chao FINALLY!!

Finally went to Fogo De Chao!!!!! YaY!! so last night, after weeks of trying to get my sis to come with me to Fogo De Chao, she finally had a sitter for her kids and we went!! My mom was my special guest of course and I invited my sis to come along since they both eat meat and this place is like a brazilian steakhouse, I thought it would be boring with my mom sampling all the meats and me eating only salad. The salad bar was by far the best salad bar i've ever been to... LOTS to choose from. So here's my review..Fogo De Chao was WONDERFUL!!! my mom and sis loved the meats, I absolutely LOVED the salad bar. one trip and I was DONE. Oh if you go, and you are NOT a vegetarian, I suggest you dig right into the meat and not fill urself up with salad, try as many of the meats as you can and if there's room for salad later then hit the salad bar.
mom and sis had too much salad first but ended up trying five different meats... all delicious in their opinion... the leg of lamb was a bit too fatty though. but the wine was great! I chose a Malbec from Argentina... wonderful! $38 for the bottle. I recommend the Alamos Malbec.but that's just me... that's a very rich wine so if you like fruity light wines a malbec is not for u. OH we had the house white sangria with reisling... it was WONDERFUL had chuncks of fruit in it... had mango and strawberry and some other fruits... very festive and fun. For dessert, i had the creme de papaya. I dont like papaya but this was pretty good.
basically it was fresh papaya chunks blended with vanilla ice cream topped with Crème de cassiss (basically a black current liqueur specialty of Burgundy, France). it was lovely except the whole thing tasted more like vanilla than papayabut was still good and the cassis was a nice touch.oh everything in the salad bar is sooooo good, the artichokes and bell peppers are lovely. Nicely marinated and have an excellent hearty but clean flavor. Anyway the bill for the two meat eaters and one vegetarian, a half pitcher of white sangria, a bottle of Malbec, and one papaya dessert came out to $220.28. tip included was $278.28 for the three of us... It was my treat so not bad actually. Do give this place a shot if ur ever out in L.A. and bring ur appetite. Oh as for parking... it's Beverly hills so either pay valet or park on the street on 2 hour meter parking... we took the meter parking we didnt even have to pay LOL

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