Monday, March 28, 2011

Lady GaGa

Ok so Lady Gaga went to eat at my work and I freakin hate her... anyway she was having a birthday dinner with just her and some guy and she brought along 4 bodyguards... LAME. this girl is too full of herself.. before she exited the restaurant she took the time to look in the mirror and adjust her stupid costume she had a black leather jacket and a kind of snookie thing going with the hair with black leggings and heals... she did tone it down a LOT but ugh seriously... grow up lady gaga. She looked at me as she exited and I rolled my eyes at her ha ha ha ha ha but then I felt bad... then again she's a retard so she deserved it. who exits a dining room into a well lit kitchen (she had to enter through the kitchen to avoid paparazzi) wearing these ridiculously large super dark sunglasses? it was almost midnight for goodness sake and ur INSIDE A DIM LIT RESTAURANT!! DO YOU REALLY NEED THE SHADES??? ugh.. anyway everyone was way too excited to have her there and I felt me and a buddy were the only ones wishing she'd get the fuck outta there asap. she asked for crayons and something to color on like the stuff we offer to kids so we dug some crayons out and a paper with drawings on it that we use to give to rowdy kids to settle them down... seriously, grow up.

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