Wednesday, December 1, 2010

GO BRUINS!!!!!!!!

This friday is a football game between long time rivals UCLA (university of california los angeles) bruins and USC(university of southern california) trojans. Who am i rooting for? UCLA of course!! i am a bruin to the core baby!!!! so I'll try to head out to UCLA's campus friday morning for the game and celebration when UCLA kicks USC's ass LOL grrrrrrr i hate USC! Anyway I know i should say may the best win but nope!! i love me my UCLA and I will stand by what i said ha ha ha ha UCLA FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT GO BRUINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fuser said...

my quess is thet you're with UCLA because of the beautiful boys!lol

will you let us know about the score, right?
and photos please!!!!!!

SoHo said...

UCLA lost.

beautiful boys? I guess... LOL great school great medical program just rooting for my team.

score was like 18 to like 27 or something. UCLA lost big time. as usual.