Thursday, December 23, 2010

sorry i havent posted lately

Hi guys just wanna apologize for not being around lately... or commenting on ur comments lately. I've been a very busy bee and have way too much of a social life. LOL if I am not working I am definitely out and about with friends or co workers or family always doing something. my job had it's annual holiday party and boy was I drunk as ever!! seriously, i am usually very strict about me drinking to only a certain point but boy did i pass that point big time last night. ugh!! never again will i drink that much. well i didnt drink too much. I had maybe 3 bottles of beer and 3 glasses of wine. I just have a small appetite and didnt eat much so the alcohol got to me really quick. I ended up sleeping at my uncle ray's hospital. LOL i walked in more drunk than ever and of course his nurses took good care of me. LOL so thanx Uncle Ray and ur nurses. LOL
I was gonna snap more pictures of the party but i only took one and it's not worth posting. cant even tell what it is.

I do however have pictures of other things like my friend konnie that flew from L.A. to singapore to help open Osteria Mozza in singapore. she is out there now and has been sending me lots of pictures of all the fun stuff she's done along with a bunch of other ppl from my job that flew out there to help train the singapore staff.

those pictures will be posted as soon as possible. I will also comment back on ur comments now. Alright everybody, that's it for me now but i will be back in a couple of hours.

see you all soon!

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