Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pictures of the crew!

Alright so you guys know that some ppl from my job were flown out to singapore to help open another restaurant out there so my friend Konnie was flown out there and she's been sending me pictures of the food and fun she's been having. check it out. the picture above is my friend Konnie at the building behind her is the hotel in which the restaurant is at. I think it's also where she's staying...well her and the rest of the Osteria Mozza crew from L.A.


Zie said...

That's the Marina Bay Sands hotel.
WOW!! They are enjoying some of the local foods here.

I love the pineapple rice...very nice.. ;)

SoHo said...

you have to go! the restaurant is open!

Zie said...

ok i will go to the restaurant with my friends....will let you know when we are there ;)