Monday, November 29, 2010

Uncle Ray's quotes

Uncle Ray was telling me about a woman he knew that she was going out with a married man for 15 years!!! He said he would leave his wife and divorce her after those 15 years. Well the woman waited and waited for the married man to divorce his wife and he did divorce his wife after those 15 years. The only problem is that he was dating this mystery woman for 15 years while still being married to his wife but then when he left his wife, he married another woman that was not the mystery woman that he had been dating for 15 years!! so this woman waited for this guy for so long and when he finally divorced he married another woman!!! That was fucked up! ha ha ha my uncle ray says she got screwed royally ha ha ha ha ha I'd never heard that before ha ha ha ha ha that made my night ha ha ha ha he also said that was messed up of the guy and that the woman got the royal staff up her ass ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I swear this was hilarious!!!! he was saying other stuff but I only wrote those two down but when i remember what else he said, i'll post it ha ha ha ha oh goodness! LOL


Neve said...

hello! thanks for visiting my blog. Well, it must have been really awful for this mystery woman to have waited for so long only to be cast aside for another lady. Well, its kind of rough justice also, since she was committing adultery as well. If I was in the first wife's shoes, I would have made a scene and you can be sure that I would sue the man for everything he's got.

SoHo said...

NEVE!!!! ha ha ha ha h
I would totally do the same!!! ha ha ha ha ha!!! I'd leave him miserable! LOL