Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Early Thanksgiving

I celebrated thanxgiving a little early because steve is going out of town and wont be home for thanksgiving so we did a little cooking and had thanksgiving early in the day because I had to be at work by 4pm so it was like thanksgiving lunch. anyway i snapped a couple of pictures of the table and uncle Ray has a few more pictures that he took that I am waiting for so I can post those too but in the meantime here are the ones I snapped. In the pictures you can see my uncle Ray and cousin steve.


Fuser said...

oh!!!!!!! so nice!
did you thank God for us?your friends? LOL
I need something like that with my family..

Zie said...

Table looks great!

By the way i love the house! So cozy ;)

Happy thanksgiving to you and your family ;)

SoHo said...

Fuser i absolutely did thank God for each an every single one of you all. This blog and all of you keep me going when times get tough for me... it really helps to have you ladies around... even if it's only through txt or online. It helps a lot!

SoHo said...

Zie... thank you.
yes it's cozy but it can get
extremely cold when the heater is broken LOL