Monday, November 1, 2010


October 26 is a very special day for us and for all the world as well.
One of the most young and miraculous saints of all protects our city.
The city he loves ,he lived,he suffered and he died.
The city of Thessaloniki ,today ,celebrates τον Άγιο Δημήτριο.

Alright guys, I am a little late because i didnt check my email but now I have and I've got some goodies to share with you on behalf of our wonderful lovely FUSER!!! what are those goodies? SAINT DEMETRIUS OF THESSALONIKI DAY!!!!!! In case you have no clue what I am talking about, fuser has provided some pictures with a little comment on what exactly this day means for the people of Thessaloniki. Thanx so much Fuser! i really enjoyed the information and pictures!! WOW!!! This is celebrated on October 26 but as i said, i didnt check my email and that's why I am a little late on posting this. alright everybody! check it out!
One of the most presious temples was build for Saint Demetrios
and thousands of people come here for 26 October to venerate the relics of St Demertios.

The body of St Demetrios movedto the center of the temple
and the Christians have the change to be close to him.
Ofcourse all the year people come here for every corner of the earth
to be close to st Demetrios and ask something from him.

The wondrous thing is that people come here and not only Christians
but simple people who belives in other religions
and the St Demetrios give them as welll the best thing for they souls.

Many of them leaves notes with the request,
and St.Demetrios never let them leave with broken heart
but give to everyone hope and passion for life
and most of all ,when you leave from him you're foul with love.
Because St. demetrios died for the love of Christ.

St Demetrios befor he dies gave his blessing to St Nestora
who fought,won and died like true martyr for his faith too.

It's a great day today for the city of Thessaloniki today

I wish you to have the blessing of Αγίου Δημητρίου all your life
And don't forget miracles happend every day,every minute
but we must have pure heart to see them.


Zie said...

WOW!! this is really interesting. I must definitely read up more on this.

Thanks Fuser for sharing
And thanks Soho for uploading :)

Fuser said...

it's always plessure to share with you my friends.
may all of you have St. Demetrius blessing in your life.
dosen't matter the belive you have or the place you're live,I'll go and ask all the best for each and everyone of you.