Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My tattoo

Alright so i told you all the idea that I had for my tattoo right? and the story behind it... well the above picture is a rough draft of what my tattoo will look like except i have to add some color to it. LOL my friend's boyfriend drew it and I think he did GREAT! i think i might have to tweak it a little here and there but this is basically the tattoo i will be getting. It's a crepe chasing a churro!! LOL what do you think?


Fuser said...

this is a joke right?
you don't think to put anything like this in your skin..!right?
if this is true...(relief..!)
ok. so now send the real picture of your tattoo idea.
il send you mine.

BTW..this drewing remind me of SpongeBob! LOL
so please tell me this is a joke!!!

Zie said...

I love it!!! That's sooo cute :)

SoHo said...

fuser omg no it's not a joke ha ha ha ha ha it has a story behind it. LOL