Sunday, November 21, 2010

cute science project

My friend's daughter was assigned a project in her science class which was basically to make a cell out of anything that is edible. I thought that was a cool project because remember in my school when I was 13, I had a project like that but I made my cell out of clay some people made theirs out of fruit. My friend's daughter made hers out of cake and candy. I thought it was the cutest thing ever LOL so obviously the long rectangular cookies around the border is the cell wall... the sprinkles are the ribosomes, then you've got the chloroplasts and mitochondria and so forth... they were graded on how it looks and how it tastes... she got an "A". aaaah the good time!


charmedwishes said...

hi! i was doing a little bit of blog hopping and i ran across your blog. its very nice, i see that you are a fan of prison break. my mom watched almost every episode, i think. i'm afraid i am more of a gossip girl fan, LOL. please do visit my blog as well if you can. i hope you could leave a comment. Oh! i will be following your blog as well.

Fuser said...

a picture will be nice. tell the kid if everything goes wrong with school she can always have the sweetness of the cake and candys ;) lol

Fuser said...

I'm sure that the foto wasn't there when I wrote that commend!
and if you think something agly for me..well it's to early and I wasn't dringing!LOL

nice work kid.

SoHo said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha actually fuser... no the photo wasnt up. I didnt realize that I didnt post it. LOL so i went back and added the picture LOL
But easy on the alcohol ha ha ha ha