Thursday, November 18, 2010

VIP's at my job

Last night I plated some gelato for Danny Devito's birthday celebration he had at my job. I made budino and sent out gelato... what was strange to me was the color of his cake. LOL it was a nasty greenish color... ha ha ha ha so I took a picture of Danny Devito's cake for all of you to see... btw HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANNY DEVITO!!!s Also, yesterday mr David Beckham dined at my job... he's also a VIP that enters through the kitchen to avoid paparazzi... apparently he dines at my job every 8 days... sometimes with is wife and lovely kids... We get A LOT of lakers managers and team members... every night we have VIPs dine there... it's pretty cool.... I guess but also a lot of the VIPs i dont even know who they are... LOL Anyway here is Danny Devito's birthday cake that I took a picture of with all of you guys in mind!


Zie said...


OMG!! BECKHAM!! I love him!! Next time u see him tell him a big hello from Singapore ;) hehehe..

Now if only your bf would find his way there! That will be awesome!

Fuser said...

and grab his ass ....and tell him Fuser says Hi! lol

SoHo said...

hahahahaha omg Fuser you are too much! ha ha ha ha ha!