Saturday, November 13, 2010

soooo tired

Just want to apologize for not posting too often lately... I've been sooo tired with work and my schedule sucks because I work from 4pm to midnight. well i am supposed to stop working @ midnight but usually we still have customers in the restaurant and have to wait for them to finish eating and order dessert before we can leave... usually I end up leaving at about 1:00am does suck because now I cant go out to dinner with friends. I cant party for new years eve...well at least i have a job. definitely not the same rank I held at my previous job but at least it's a job and I have some money coming in...I need to be cheered up... anybody have a joke?


Fuser said...

there was two blonde sisters in the road,
the first one says:Oh! daddy it's home!
and the second one answer:Helloooo!!!daddy is a person!

SoHo said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha OMG Fuser!!!!! that was funny!!! LOL thanx for the joke ha ha ha ha ha! that made me smile. I've been sooo depressed lately... why are guys such dogs?? gosh they are total jerks!!!

Zie said...

hahahah fuser that's a good one...

Here's one :-
2 blondes were on the highway driving to disneyland. They saw the sign "disneyland left" and started crying and u turned to go home~

Zie said...

Soho - At the end of the day...we have each other. :)
Some guys are just douchebags u know...*sigh*

Fuser said...

good one Zie.LOL
ans I have the same feeling..that in the end of the day we have each others.Even with so much land and oceans between us.