Sunday, November 21, 2010

Random kid in the kitchen!!

ok so last night as I was working my butt off at work, a server walks in with this 10 year old kid and says hey guys!!! we have a foodie here! (referring to the 10 yr old kid) The server introduces the kid to us (kitchen staff) and the kid starts saying... This is my favorite restaurant. I love the food here and it's also my favorite restaurant for italian food! Also, I've been to italy... we all couldnt help but find it hilarious that this kid dressed in a suit was escorted into the kitchen of the restaurant because he is such a foodie and he said he'd been to italy in the most snobbish way ever!! ha ha ha ha we all thought it was cute and hilarious at the same time... Well my hectic night ended with me and the rest of my pastry kitchen staff have us a beer to end a hectic night.
that's what's great about working in a restaurant... if you have a cool boss or if ur the boss urself... you can have urself a couple of beers or a glass of wine at the end of the night or sometimes during downtime on ur shift. aaaahhhh the joy of kitchen work!! LOL anyway that was the story of the little random kid in the kitchen LOL

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