Wednesday, November 24, 2010

NKOTB and BSB-AMA Performance 2010

Not sure if i told you guys this but i LOVE NKOTB & BSB!! I grew up listening to NKOTB!! Jordan Knight's my favourite New Kid. When they broke up i was heartbroken for years until BSB came along. My favourite BSB is Kevin but he left :(

Anyway I've always told my friends that i wish BSB and NKOTB will do a tour together and my wish came true. A few weeks ago NKOTBSB announced that they will be touring together. So far they've only released the USA and Canadian tour dates! I am hoping that they will come to Singapore. I will so be there front row. No matter how much i have to pay hehehehe...

So last Sunday at the American Music Awards NKOTBSB performed a medley of their songs! OMG!! That was awesome!! I am still smiling thinking of the performance. Here's the video. Thought i would share with y'all :)

Tell me if you like it :) Share with us also your favourite singers, bands etc. It's good to know more about each other right ? ;)

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Fuser said...

Zie! I didn't even knew that the band was back again!they had a few good songs at the past and I love them for that!
and I feel the same for BSB too....
thanks Zie for sharing with us :)