Wednesday, February 2, 2011

ah the pleasures of life!!!

I was off from work today so i decided to do a little kitchen tool shopping... unfortunately i only found 1 item on my shopping list but that's ok. I treated myself and my mom to some frozen yogurt from yogurtland which is a small frozen yogurt chain shop out here... it has by far the best frozen yogurt on the planet!! i got a small cup which are actually pretty darn big and i piled on tons of flavors of frozen yogurt and then I added fresh fruit to it. my mom piled on so many flavors, she couldnt finish it. Of course i finished mine LOL i just had to take a picture of them lol my mom's is the cup on the right. LOL YUM now i think i want more! This frozen yogurt totally made my day!!

1 comment:

Zie said...

OMG!! i love yogurt!! Hard to find nice yogurt here ;(

I sooo need to get to LA. You guys have cool stuff there...