Sunday, January 30, 2011

why i havent posted lately

Again i am going to apologize to all of you wonderful people for me not posting as often... the problem is i have been getting off of work really late... like 2 in the morning and i get home and go to bed and wont wake up till mid day the next day so all i have time to do is jump in the shower, get dressed and go back to work.

work has been sooooooo crazy lately but I have to admit I kind of like the rush of it and since I dont mean to brag but I am extremely good at my job, it makes it that much more enjoyable. I am super super busy but i promise on my day off i will blog... actually i thing i might make some korean food later and will show you all pictures... also... what else... Oh yeah!!! February 5th is MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!! THE BIG 25!!!!!! As for my plans for my birthday?... nothing... i have no plans because i'll be asleep during the day and working at night... BUT at least i'll spend it with my co workers that i love so very much!! me and my pastry crew. ummmm ok what else? oh yeah!! i've decided to start learning how to ride a motorcycle and my little bro is gonna teach me... i figured instead of buying another car to replace the one that my mothers daughter purposely destroyed, that dumb hoe, I am going to buy myself a motorcycle!!! I wont have to waste so much money on gas and I will have no problem with traffic cuz i'll zoom right by!!! ok so that's the news for now. i'll see you all in a bit!

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