Wednesday, January 12, 2011

night on the town

This is a view of korea town. I love it!

so I was off today and I decided to sleep all day. got up showered and went back to sleep. LOL. HEY i work hard so yes i can do this without feeling guilty. LOL.
My friend and I went out a few days ago to have dinner at tofu house and we usually walk off our dinner afterwards so we walked a bit around KTown...also known as Korea town and I snapped a few pictures i thought were pretty cool. check them out.this is a bar called the's shape is dome because as you can see at the bottom of the picture there is a brown ring around it. together the dome shape building with the brown ring make this look like a derby hat. this place was actually a restaurant called the brown derby hence it's shape; it was made to look like a brown derby hat. This restaurant was popular among "A" list celebrities back in the 50's. I wish it was still a restaurant... :(

The tall glass is mine... My friend and I went to a bar called... hmmm I forgot but it had a sea captain theme so I took a picture of the anchor (picture below) I had a white russian and my friend had... hmmm I forgot. LOL but both drinks were good.

Anchor at the entrance of the bar.

It was a cold night as it has been lately out here and seeing this sign... well I just had to take a picture of it. LOL felt like being warm and toasty myself LOL

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