Saturday, January 1, 2011


HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!!!! I hope you all celebrated new years eve in great company!! I rang in the new year working but that's ok. I had myself a great time with my co workers after work with champagne and strawberries, beer, tequila, whisky... and so forth. I didnt drink too much because I had to drive and I dont enjoy getting drunk so I am pretty responsible if i say so myself LOL.
Ok well thank you all for sticking with SoHo Meets SoLo. To those of you who have been visiting the blog since the start in 2008, on behalf of Laila, Zie, and myself we want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR VISITING OUR BLOG FOR 3 YEARS!!! WOW!!!!
That means if you look back, we have 3 years worth of posts!!!! that's freakin awesome!!!!!To our regulars, Yingee,Fuser,Sobe, Zie (who's here everyday!)you ladies are AMAZING!! ok to those that have just joined us here, we hope you stick around longer and thank you very much for coming.

All in all we'd just like to thank everybody that visits our blog. you guys are wonderful!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!

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Zie said...

Happy New Year !!!

will try and blog asap. I am still kinda sick...and nothing exciting ever happens here ;(