Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hi Again

Hi Everyone,

I know this is a bit late..HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope this new year brings more joy, luck and happiness to us all :) How have you guys been. Missed all of you. I have been lurking around the blog everyday but just didnt have time to post. Now it's lunch time and here i am. Just a quick post to tell everyone i am ok and that i will try and post more.

Wanted to share with you lovely ladies/readers the reason why i have been quite busy lately.

Soho mentioned that i have an actor friend from Indonesia right? Well he was in town last weekend for a show. Just a short trip for him. We had a few media interviews and then the show and Sunday morning he left ;( I will try and figure out how to upload the video i recorded. It's a duet he sang with my other friend who is a singer from Singapore. The song's in Malay though but it's guys can learn a new language.

Anyway here are some pictures i took with Bayu after the media interviews. Will put up more pictures really really soon :)

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Yingee said...

Happy New Year, Zie & everyone! Zie, you guys looks so happy together! Hey, the Chinese new year is coming I the early of Feb. Hope everyone doing well in this year 2011! And I hope I can have more time to come to visit this site from now on! Have happy life everyone!
O... I miss Wentworth so much!!!