Wednesday, February 9, 2011

AH the sweet life!!

Working at a restaurant you can either be well fed... or so busy that you are usually very hungry and have to wait until you are done working to eat at work or go home and eat... In my job though...we eat all the time. I've been on a no sweets diet because I have gained a little weight and it has slowed me down at work... i feel like I cant move fast enough. Luckily i've lost most of the weight i've gained and am now almost back to speed... My wonderful co workers usually make my pastry crew and i lots of food all at once. I am like WOW really? they bring lots of food to our kitchen family style and there are only three of us in the pastry kitchen!!! of course we make sure we take them lots of pastries too and make them stuff that's not on the menu so i guess you can say we take good care of each other. I absolutely love my co workers!! ok check out some of the stuff that we got in a single night. lol )

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Zie said...

YUMMY!!!!! You are making me hungry