Wednesday, September 11, 2013

You know it's Fall/ Autumn season when...

Summer has come and gone. We are now finishing the first week... or is it the second week??... of Autumn and boy I can really feel the beginning of it! I love every season really... each one has its charm. Spring is nice to see all the flowers bloom and birds flying around and the butterflies. Summer is all around fun and I LOVE the summer heat!! having fresh fruit in the sun. During Autumn its really nice to see the leaves on the trees change color and fall off... soooo beautiful. Winter is nice because you can stay at home in the evenings after work and watch a movie curled up on your couch wrapped in your cozy blanket and slippers and sip on some hot chocolate. AAAHHH I love living in a city where you can really tell the difference between each season. Here are my 5 signs you are now experiencing autumn season!

1: You start pulling out the warmer blankets from your closet :)
2: Wake up at night feeling a little cold
3: Open your windows one morning and feel a chilly wind and it's a gloomy outside. It heats up a little in the afternoon though but not too much and the air is cool.
4: You start to notice there aren't anymore flies around your home anymore
5: When you go shopping, you no longer see bright summer colors on the clothes racks... instead you see orange, brown, beige, yellow, purple, more earthy colored clothes items.

Alright everybody! If you have anything else to add, feel free to comment below or shoot me an email at That's it for now, I will have more posts later. Big hugs to all my readers!

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