Monday, September 30, 2013

Please Pray for My NIECE!

There is some news I have been keeping from you all for 2 months now.
I didn't feel ready to say anything but now I feel I can share this very personal matter with all of you my blog readers.
2 months ago, my 8 year old niece Carisma was diagnosed with an uncommon type of cancer on her liver. she has gone through 2 rounds of chemo therapy and apparently it doesn't seem to be working. My niece seems to be doing MUCH better. She seems to be eating normally again, even hopping and running around, and playing with her cousins and friends. the first round of chemo really made her feel awful. She was bed ridden and wasn't eating much at all. The second round her hair started falling off and now she has her hair falling off in clumps so she wears a hat most of the time. she seems to be doing great but the doctors say that the chemo hasn't worked at all even if her entire abdomen is not as huge as it had first been. The doctors are fearing that the tumor will spread and attack her kidneys. They said the tumor has grown and so they need to schedule her for surgery October 1st.
The entire family has been praying for her non stop and hoping this surgery will be a success and that the tumor will be removed without popping and spreading.
I want to ask all my blog readers a huge favor and that is to please pray for my niece to get better and for this surgery to be a success. No matter what religion or beliefs you have. ALL PRAYERS WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. PLEASE PLEASE send my niece Carisma your prayers.

Thank you sooo much!

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