Friday, September 20, 2013


France's senate has passed a ban on "sexualized" beauty pageants.

The Senate approved the ban, which is an effort to protect young girls from being sexualized, after a 197-146 vote. Under the new law, anyone who enters a child younger than 16 into a beauty contest would face up to two years in prison and 30,000 euros in fines. The strict measures left pageant organizers outraged. You can read the rest of this article by clicking below. 

I agree with this 100% young girls don't need fake eyelashes, fake hair, whitened teeth or even fake teeth. kids are beautiful the way they are!! 
I think it's time for these parents and organizations that host these competitions to wear the now very popular punishment sign of shame and stand on a street corner telling passerbys what they have been making their child do. 
It's also time to have companies and photographers, fashion designers and people who recruit and sexualize young kids to have a turn at wearing their sign of shame as well for globalizing a very sexual "standard" image for young kids and teens. 

It's corporation porn, child porn, child abuse, all glorified. this has become a nasty nasty world we live in and it must be stopped!

In my day kids aspired to be doctors, lawyers, astronauts, teachers. Now kids aspire to be models and walk runways around the world and appear on magazine covers. Where have we gone wrong? In my day, kids would play hide n seek, tag, play jump rope, double dutch, grow lima beans in plastic cups with a wet cotton ball inside, make paper boats and float them on water puddles outside when it rained, had ant farms, rock collections, played with worms in the yard, Now kids spend time practicing poses, makeup, looking a magazines, making videos on youtube to be the next star, posting provocative pictures on facebook. this madness must come to an end and I'm glad its starting with FRANCE! it did have a 10 year old girl posing provocatively on French Vogue, It looks as though they are starting to realize what they did wrong. Leave it up to the Americans to reject this ban idea the French have set up. Parents need to stop living their dreams through their kids and let their kids be kids. I'm with the French on this one.
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