Monday, September 30, 2013

Happy Monday! and last day of September!!

Last day of September today and for some of you in other countries it's already the 1st of October! What's good about October? for those of you who like to enjoy some good beer and sausages; OCTOBERFEST!!! For other people, HALLOWEEN!!
 I love Halloween more than October fest but that's only because I try to not drink to much. Halloween is super fun though. I love going to see the Halloween parade in West Hollywood. It's always a HUGE even and lots of fun. I still dress up for Halloween. This year I have no idea what my costume is going to be so I need to get started with some Ideas.
Fall is here and I am looking forward to going to pumpkin patches. yes, I am still a kid at heart LOL! I also cant wait for Christmas. I love shopping for little Christmas trees and decorations LOL I don't need a huge tree in my apartment. The pine smell fills my home up and give it that holiday feel.

Some fun fall activities you can do are:

1: Apple picking
2: Pressing pretty leaves in between books
3: Arts and crafts
4: Pumpkin carving
5: Baking fall season favorites
6: Cooking savory foods
7: Hosting dinner parties or cocktail parties
8: Taking a road-trip to see the changing colors of the treas
9: Taking up knitting and knit yourself/friends/family some cute fall/winter beanies or scarfs
10: START A BLOG!! :)

What are some fun activities you enjoy doing during this fall/autumn season?

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