Friday, September 13, 2013

So pretty, I'm glowing!!

Hello everybody!! The weekend is almost here!!! Hang in there, just one more day left!! Today I want to talk about your skin. Yes your skin. Is it dry? or oily, or rough, or just not pretty at all? well today I will share with you a link to a great video I found on yahoo that shares the secrets to glowing skin. The tips are very interesting and I have one tip of my own... Here is my tip. WATER and FRUITS and VEGETABLES!! Yes!! as I showed you before, every morning, my mother and I make fruit and vegetable smoothies that we drink and we've been doing this for a couple months now. We have also been drinking lots of water everyday even if we are not thirsty. Its amazing what eating healthy organic will do with your body. I have lost weight without exercise... but now I will exercise to help that process go faster. I have glowing skin! my skin isn't dry anymore and I look youthful!! so yes my tip? make a smoothie in the morning with lots of dark green vegetables like spinach, kale, broccoli, celery, add some beet slices, and dark colored fruit like plums. Some ginger gives it a nice kick. drink these smoothies everyday every morning on an empty stomach and drink lots of water throughout the day and watch your weight drop and your skin look radiant!! check out the following VERY GOOD TIPS here:

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