Saturday, September 7, 2013

Kawaii???? CUTE TREND??

Hi everybody!! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!!
This morning I was channel surfing as I found nothing to watch on tv... then I saw a title that said Kawaii but for some reason I misread it and though it said HAWAII so I changed the tv to that channel and found it was full of these Japanese girls acting overly excited and trying to be cute!! Apparently there are huge conventions celebrating this "Kawaii" lifestyle but honestly people, who is going to take you seriously when you dress and act like a "cute" child and in reality you are a grown woman or man???? I found it ridiculous. I'm sorry the whole concept of walking around in these ridiculous costumes dressed like you popped out of the candyland game board is just plain stupid. How does this become part of a culture? blows my damn mind... Anyway what is your opinion on grown ups dressing and acting like "cute" dolls or whatever... I'm not kidding, I fear these people have suffered from depression or some type of mental disorder... sooooo lame. LOL

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