Friday, September 13, 2013

My new killer shades!... and playing the waiting game

I bought some new shades and I am in love with them!! they are mudd shades but these will do until I get my super shades! I went to visit my uncle Ray who is an urgent care doctor at a hollywood hospital and I usually have time to chat a little, we go to his room and chat it up. yes his room in the hospital where he sleeps because he only goes home for 2 full days. the other five days he works round the clock. Anyway, yesterday was kinda busy for him so our conversation kept getting interrupted and so while I played the waiting game in his room while he went downstairs or upstairs to check on some of his patients, I snapped some silly pictures of me sitting there waiting and sent them to him lol. I found myself pulling on my gum, chewing, and pulling again. lol check it out! lol this is what you do when your bored! lol

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