Saturday, August 24, 2013

Weekend Drink!

Alright summer is still in and we need a refreshing drink to cool us off so I made this "Agua fresca" fresh water. basically water flavored with fresh fruits. In this case, I made a lemongrass, pineapple and citrus fresh water with a hint of fresh mint from my mother's garden. It's easy to make just take fresh lemongrass which i got as well from my mom's garden, your favorite citrus fruits, i got fresh orange and lime, fresh ginger, and pineapple. I blended all these ingredients together and strained it. added it to an iced large jar and threw in fresh pineapple chunks, fresh mint leaves and orange slices. VERY good! sweeten it  to taste and viola!! you've got "AGUA FRESCA" enjoy!

Fresh Lemongrass
Fresh Orange
Fresh Ginger
Fresh Lime
Fresh Pineapple
Fresh Mint
Sugar to taste


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