Friday, August 30, 2013

Stuffed peppers

Sorry i did not post anything yesterday. The power went out on my block and the next 3 blocks where my mom lives so I had no internet connection and i didnt feel like going back to my house... I live kind of far from my mom and I hate to commute such a long distance. Anyway yesterday I was supposed to make stuffed peppers but actually I made nothing yesterday and just bought a salad... Today, however, I DID indeed start making the stuffed peppers. I've roasted them over an open flame on the stove top and will be going to the market shortly to see what I will stuff them with. stay tuned! P.S. I am on a vegetarian diet to help motivate my mother to eat healthier so her cholesterol levels will lower, however i have been craving lamb.. MMMMMM!! anyway these will be vegetarian stuffed peppers.
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