Monday, October 18, 2010

This looks sooooo fun! party on down!!!

I watch a ton of random crap on youtube and this is my funny find for today... ha ha ha ha check out the bus scene in this vid. I swear if you go to mexico... well acapulco mexico, the buses all look like this one. They look like nightclubs inside a bus. The music is loud party music, neon lights everywhere inside and disco balls hanging from the roof of the bus and on the inside too!!! this video looks like it was so much fun to film and my favorite line of all? ""i see a sexy lady and I am like OMG and baby let me buy you a pain chocolat" LMAO!!! this is WONDERFUL!!! ha ha ha ha ha i cant get enough of this song and it looks like they had soooo much fun shooting this video!!! ha ha ha ha ha LOVE IT! here it is guys... ENJOY!!!

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