Monday, October 4, 2010


That's right everybody!!! It finally rained in L.A. last night!!!!!! YES RAIN!!!!! FINALLY!!! This heat wave was getting on my nerves and besides, it is now fall so I wanted some good ole rain or cold weather. Last night it rained and since I sleep with my door wide open and the screen door locked, the smell of wet dirt woke me up and I looked outside and everything was wet!! so i checked the forecast and apparently it's gonna rain for the next three days!!!! YAY!!!! ok I gotta enjoy the rainy day while it lasts. I'll be back with more posts!


Fuser said...

please take all the rain there and let the sun for us!
I'm going to kill myself if this weather don't change soon.
Now I know why people in London kill themselfs.
A huge hug and a noisy kiss from the beautiful sity of Thessaloniki
love you

SoHo said...

NO Dont kill urself!! the weather will change sooner or later. how about you come to L.A. and i go to Greece!!