Monday, October 25, 2010

I made PIZZA!!

I've been craving pizza but dont have my car to go out and buy some and i dont wanna pay delivery prices because in my opinion that's just a waste of money so I decided to make my own pizza!!! for only three dollars ha ha ha that was the tomato sauce that I had to buy but everything else I already had in my fridge.. MMMM I am waiting for it to bake.

UPDATE: ok it's done and it was DELICIOUS!!!!


Zie said...

OMG!! that looks soo yummy!!! You're making me hungry. I have been craving for pizza too!!
Note to self : Make pizza this weekend ;)

Fuser said...

Fuser's note: pizza,weekend,take photo too,you're beautifull(oops this is an other note)lol

SoHo said...

Zie, ha ha ha ha!!! omg it seems like everybody I know has been craving pizza!! LOL there might be a pizza bug out there that bit us. ha ha ha ha.

Fuser, Yes take a photo of ur pizza and send it to me. I'll like to post it on the blog.
AWWWWW and thank you for the compliment... blushing!!! lol