Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy 10-10-10!!!!!!

then day of the tenth month of 2010!!! Lots of people are getting married on this day specifically why? I dont know. but I am making tamales!! LOL ok i'll be back in a bit to blog some more.


Fuser said...

can you belive it?
I hate marrige and this day
10-10-10(and Sunday)make wanna a big wedding! can you belive it all the summer I waas thinging about that.
(if you ask how I am now...
I took some aspirines and all the bad thoughts gone for good) lol

SoHo said...

YOU ARE TOO FUNNY!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha!!Wonderful!!! I am glad ur feeling better LOL are you married btw??

fuser said...

are you crazy?
marrige is not for me...

SoHo said...

ha ha ha ha ha OMG why so shocked? ha ha ha ha ha why is marriage not for you?

Fuser said...

I'm not sure about the clothes I'm wearing right now(I have something else in mind but the last min change my opinion)
do you think I'll be sure if I wanna spend all my life with one man?
I belive marrige is very very serious thing and I don't like divorce as an option.
and in the top of all
I don't have the NEED to be a mum.(I raise my brothers child) this clock is very silence cause my nephew is like my child.