Friday, October 22, 2010

Burned my face with cream!!!

Every time i get out of the shower, I usually apply a face cream because my skin is sooo dry. today was no exception... except when I applied the cream to my face, it burned the crap out of me and made my eyes burn. LOL my skin got splotchy red and my eyes got red and watery. OUCH!! can you tell?T


Yingee said...

O... Are you alringht now? Have you see doctor yet? I hope you will get well soon.

SoHo said...

yes I am ok now. Thank you but it hurt so much and left me red spots all over my face ha ha ha ha but they have gone away now. Thanx!

Fuser said...

The red spots gone already?
...and you're so cute red dalmatian

now you must got a new costoume for the halloween! lol

SoHo said...

ha ha ha ha ha a red dalmatian eh?.... well if all else fails then that will be my costume for halloween. ha ha ha ha ha!! but the spots are gone now. Unless I use the cream again and it still might burn me so... I gotta check out the cream one more time. LOL