Sunday, October 31, 2010

Shitty Halloween for me!!

I am soooooo sad!!! I couldnt make it to the west hollywood halloween parade this year. I was ok this morning but slowly through the day I caught a cold and now am feeling LOUSY!! I took some medicine and it made me soooo sleepy so I slept all day and evening and now I cant go anywhere. I am soooo sad cuz I love halloween and I've never been sick on this day... I guess there's first for everything. uggghhh!!! I have a headache my nose is runny and hurts I am drowsy and I want to just walk over to the parade. I am sooo sad!!! be safe everybody!! i know it's a fun holiday but be safe dont drink and drive!

1 comment:

Zie said...

hope you're feeling better...i still have me fever :(
but i had to come to work...