Tuesday, October 19, 2010


This is a very cool camera that I wish I had, basically it's a flying camera called the Ardrone by Parrot. This is pretty cool because those of you with the iphone can buy this thing and control it with ur phone. There's an iphone application you can buy for this thing and honestly my stupid ass would buy it if I had an iphone but I dont because apparently nobody likes their iphone but you gotta admit this is pretty cool. now here's a little bit of what this thing can do. I mean, it's basically a toy with a camera and if you like to splurge on toys for urself, a cool $300.00 is nothing for this toy! LOL. I am posting another video on this that explains just a bit more on this and if you understand french then it's even better! LOL the guy in the second video when you click the read more button, is SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER CUTE!!!! LOL he's a dork but I love dorks ha ha ha ha ok check it out!)

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