Sunday, October 24, 2010

Interesting Bread!


My mom and I went to a bakery yesterday and we saw some interesting looking bread shaped like a dead man. eyes were painted in red food coloring and it's mouth as well. It also had red paint on the body so that it looked like blood. I was curious as to why they had made bread that was shaped to resemble a dead human body. Then it hit me!! DIA DE LOS MUERTOS!!!! DAY OF THE DEAD!!! In Mexico we celebrate day of the dead on November 1st for children that have passed away and on November 2nd for the adults that have passed away, so the weeks leading to Dia De Los Muertos, Bread is made to offer to the loved ones who have passed away. One type of bread is traditional Day Of The Dead bread which is like a brioche type bread or a panatone type bread. VERY DELICIOUS!! it's basically a simple bread recipe with anise seeds added into the mixture then shaped into a round loaf with extra pieces of dough on the top to resemble bones. So anyway, the baker was nice enough to tell my mom a litte more about why he made the bread and what the tradition is in the part of Mexico he's from as tradition varies from one state to another. ok enough with my yapping here are some pictures. ENJOY!


Fuser said...

you know, I love this day.
I don't know why but since I was a little girl and lern about "Dia de los Muertos" in Mexico, I was asking my mother to made bread or candys with skeletons and staf like that,
ofcourse my mother treated my like I was totaly
In Greece we have days for the deads (and this days is always Sarurday and is 4 or 5 days the wear, I'm not sure now)
we made κόλυβα(boiled wheat with cinnamon and other seasonings,covered with sugar and decorated with cross, the name of the dead and flowers)
we made olso λειτουργιές(bread who have been made with a kind of.. ritual way and it's the bread we give to the church to be the body of Christ)
and the third thind we offer is ,what else,
(this wine must be for special selection of wines,it's the other offer to the church and this will be the blood of Christ)
this offers will be used by priests to the Sundey Lityrgy the next day.
the next time who will be Ψυχοσάββατο I'll send you photos

sorry for I use so much space here
but I wanna share with you all a little something for our Dia de los Muertos.

Zie said...

WOW!! this is interesting. I learn something new everyday here :)

@Fuser - Thanks for sharing. I will be sure to read up about this.
@Soho - Thanks for the info and pics :)

SoHo said...

Fuser!!! wow that's great that you have an interest in other ppls cultures and celebrations. I didnt know they taught dia de lost muertos so far from mexico!! Thats great!!! WOW ur dia de los muertos sounds beautiful!!! we have that bread to that represents the body of christ and the wine that represents his blood. ours is called an "ostia" very thin round bread that melts in ur mouth. the wine and bread is offered every sunday during mass. when is ur day of the dead celebrated? pls do take pictures!