Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Zie's week

Hi All!!

Sorry for not blogging lately. Been insanely busy with so many things. I had some major work issues which needed my attention. Been going home later from work and i hate it! But work still needs to be done.

How's everyone doing?

Had a great weekend though last week. My actor friend Bayu from Indonesia was here and i spent almost every waking hour with him and his mum. That was great. Wanted to bring her to more places but since it was the Formula 1 race weekend most of the places were closed. So we ended up shopping at Little India and then i brought them to my aunt's place for dinner. Since i needed to be there anyway.

Will blog more later and post pictures. Right now i have to get back to work.
Soho - Glad you finally spoke to him. You should have seen the stress on his face while talking to you. Did you hear me translating for him?? ANd when you said bye sexy he was so embarassed his face turned all red hahaha!!


SoHo said...

LMAO!!!!! OMG Zie it was hilarious!!
I absolutely loved how shy he sounded!!! lol he was really sweet and a lot of fun to talk to. Yes i heard you translating. it all sounded like blah blah blah to me. LOL I wish i understood but oh well... LOL it was fun.
thanks for putting me on the phone with ur actor boyfriend.

fuser said...

here things are s!!!
but at least you try to have some good times,(at your aunt's place? lol)
my love from Greece