Thursday, September 30, 2010

My new favorite song in spanish!

This song is called "Te Amare" meaning "I will love you". The artist singing this song is Mr. Huey Dunbar. I love this guy!!! I've been following his career since he put out his first song when he was in a salsa group called Dark Latin Groove... better known as DLG. Following his split from the group back in 2000, he began as a solo artist and has put out some great great great songs!!! This song here is from his latest album which came out March of this year. so if you dont have it yet... GO BUY IT!!! LOL no he's not paying me to say this ha ha ha ha but I wish he was so that I'd have some contact with his fine ass!! sorry did I say that out loud? LOL basically the music video is about Huey who misses his girl because she went off to war and she left so he hits the clubs but he sings saying he will always love her. it's a really cute video so please check it out. Huey, in my opinion is FINE FINE FINE and has the vocals to make him HOT n SPICY!! LOL I love me a man with talent!! too bad he's newly married. LOL well almost a year already. LOL Anyway he's missin out ha ha ha ah ok so here's the vid. It's in spanish so those of you who dont understand spanish, I am sorry but at least enjoy the music LOL K everybody ENJOY!!!!

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