Tuesday, September 28, 2010

L.A. Heat is killing me!!!

We are supposed so be in the fall season by now which means chilly weather.. HOWEVER, here in L.A. it's been FREAKIN HOT!!!!!! I MEAN HOT HOT HOT!!!! LIKE 110 DEGREES HOT!!!!! NO NOT IN THE VALLY OR MOUNTAINS BUT NEAR THE COAST!!!!! YES! IT'S INSANE!!! I CANT EVEN SLEEP AT NIGHT AND I CAN ONLY IMAGINE HOW THE PEOPLE THAT LIVE IN THE VALLY OR INLAND ARE PUTTING UP WITH EVEN HOTTER WEATHER!!!!!! Air conditioner you say?? FORGET IT!!! BILLS ARE TOO HIGH when the air conditioner or fan are on. I rather sweat my impurities out than shell out more money. LOL!!! gosh it's expected to continue being this hot and dry for another week!! I dont think there was a day this hot during the summer. LOL I love it though. ok i got those farmers market pictures coming soon so hang tight. thanks for coming everybody! i promise i'll post more stuff more often.


Fuser said...

it's raining here :( you wanna send some rain over there? lol
listen,better hot then cold...think with the price of the oil in the top ~is this the price that says hello to god?(face to face? ~lol
they f!!!! us with hot or cold!

SoHo said...

Yes PLEASE send us some freakin RAIN!! I am frying out here!! LOL
yeah oil prices are through the roof!! I hope God sends them back down ha ha ha ha!

Fuser said...

I compromise if He send some of your hot weather here so will not have to buy any kind of fuel to make my house cozy..
Did you hear me God? lol
32-35 degree(celsius) is good for me! lol
or 89-95degrees fahrenheit lol