Monday, September 13, 2010

Why Lady Gaga is an IDIOT!!

If there is one celebrity that gets on my last nerve... it's Lady Gaga!! This woman will do just about anything for attention... even wear a meat dress.. yes that's right a meat dress... To the video music awards!! now I dont know if that meat is real or not but it's still ridiculous that she wears such stupid crap and has stupid reasons for wearing them. She said she's the most "non judgmental person on earth" yet she was criticizing the government for not allowing gays into the military. That was her reason for wearing this stupid dress. Seriously this woman is a retard. she contradicts herself so much I wanna slap her. I have nothing against gays... to be honest I dont care what anybodys sexual preference is cuz that's not my business... it's ur business and whatever you like fine.. I dont care... I can care less if ur gay or not. My issue is with Gaga trying to represent a gay/lesbian community when she has no damn clue what she's doing or what she is saying. She talks about politics like she knows what's going on!!! grrrr She is someone that seeks media attention and practically says LOOK LOOK LOOK!! LOOK AT ME! I AM DIFFERENT AND CRAZY!!! are you kidding me gaga? I am so mad at the media for shoving this talentless girl down our throats. now, I must say maybe one or two performances were good of hers but she's and idiot she has zero talent other than to come up with stupid crap to wear. seriously Gaga... find another day job. sit in ur garage and paint all day. That would be more respectable. ugh!!! p.s. idk if that was actually real meat or not... maybe it wasnt but if it wasnt, it looks hella real. I've worked around meat for a while now and they did a great job making it look real... that's if it's fake. Anyway check out this article and her interview explaining why she wore such a stupid dress. You might say i am being very judgemental and in this case... hell yes i am being judgmental this girl is an idiot. no wonder ppl look at americans as airheads!!! She has absolutely nothing smart to say. She's an embarrassment to America."I never thought I'd be asking Cher to hold my meat purse."

That was Lady Gaga's unusual opening statement when she stepped onstage at MTV's Video Music Awards Sunday to receive her Video of the Year award from pop legend Cher.

After arriving at the ceremony in a dress from the late designer Alexander McQueen's final collection and then changing into a weighty, architectural gown and spiky crown by Giorgio Armani, Gaga turned heads (and we'd have to imagine noses) in her final outfit, a Franc Fernandez dress (plus boots, hat, and purse) cut together from what appeared to be slabs of raw meat. The outfit echoed the controversial meat bikini she recently wore for the cover of Vogue Hommes Japan.

[VMA Photos: Lady Gaga, Snooki make red carpet splash]

After the show, in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Gaga tried to explain that the dress was a political statement. Discussing how she'd been escorted to the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles by members of the U.S. military who had been discharged from the service due to the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy, Lady Gaga said: "It is a devastation to me that I know my fans who are gay ... feel like they have governmental oppression on them. That's actually why I wore the meat tonight."DeGeneres, a famous vegan who often speaks out on behalf of animal rights, pounced on the topic while keeping her distance from the dress. "It's certainly no disrespect to anyone that's vegan or vegetarian," Gaga responded. "As you know, I am the most judgment-free human being on the earth. It has many interpretations, but for me this evening, it's 'If we don't stand up for what we believe in, we don't fight for our rights, pretty soon we're gonna have as much rights as the meat on our bones.'"

Gesturing to the Japanese Vogue cover, she snarled and added, "And I am not a piece of meat."

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DeGeneres didn't seem to buy that fairly speciously reasoned explanation, and instead offered Lady Gaga an outfit that didn't need to be butchered: a vegetable bikini and skirt made of corn husks. "It's fabulous! Oh it's kale!" Gaga said. "Well, it's the best of both worlds, you and me, Ellen."

The meat dress's designer, Franc Fernandez, has yet to issue any statements about his unusual gown -- or confirm whether it was truly made of actual meat -- but he retweeted Cher's compliment: "The way it was cut & fitted to her body was AMAZING ! Meat purse was genius ! As Art piece it was astonishing! No moral Judgement!" Fernandez, who has also dressed Beyoncé and Christina Aguilera, made the diamond headpiece Gaga wore in the video for "Bad Romance," which picked up seven of the singer's eight VMA wins last night.

PETA, unsurprisingly, was less of a fan. The animal-rights advocacy organization quickly issued a statement condemning Gaga for her offbeat sartorial choice. "Meat is the decomposing flesh of a tormented animal who didn't want to die, and after a few hours under the TV lights, it would smell like the rotting flesh it is and likely be crawling in maggots -- not too attractive, really."

Gaga is just lucky no dogs -- or Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, for that matter -- were in the house that night


Fuser said...

my opinion?
don't give her even 1 sec from your time.she's not only an idiot but she's a bad mime of Madonna who is godness infrond of her.
I'm tired with all this people who try to stole some of our time just because they want to feel important,
the best thing they can do people like Gaga is to go see a psychiatrist
and don't leave his clinic until he give his consent.

Fuser said...

imagine the stink!

SoHo said...

yeah ur right but I just had to speak my mind on this one LOL!