Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy 200th Birthday to MEXICO!!!!!!! cont!

Ok so yesterday was officially the bicentenary of Mexico. I was a little busy yesterday but the parties were everywhere!! I wished I could have been in my Mexico lindo y querido to celebrate it there but unfortunately I was here in L.A. Anyway I want to show you a little clip from the kcet program on mariachi basically it's a mariachi convention where all mariachi players unite in one place to play their songs in the end the entire audience made up of mariachi groups along with the performers play a song of course Mariachi song which is the traditional music of Mexico. It kind of amuses me that the traditional attire of the mariachi is very similar to that of a Spanish bull fighter yet the word mariachi was adapted from the French word for marriage. Whatever it turned out great though. LOL anyway the fist song played is called long live Mexico and the very last song is called "la negra"
"the dark skinned girl" here is a little bit of the celebration music culture of Mexico. The Mariachi (the band playing mariachi music) is normally hired during birthday celebrations for mothers or grandparents anniversaries, weddings baptisms you name it. they can get kind of pricey but you must find the best group. Anyway here is a taste of traditional Mexican music...The Mariachi.

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